Im giving Mastodon a try

You'll have all seen the news, soooo many people on twitter are running around, calling it the end of days after Elon purchased the platform.

Now, i'm not saying he's doing a great job (there are a whole host of decisions I cant see, and cant imagine behind the scenes)... but I don't want or expect Twitter to implode on itself. Im a big fan of the platform, and have zero plans to stop using it.

However, alot of people I follow and respect have made the move to Mastodon, and are posting exlusively to there. I'm also a fan of trying different platforms and ways of consuming content. So I've setup an account.

There are so many different 'instances' out there, so choosing the right one hasn't been easy. I follow content across many industries and themes. So, my first step was to give a try. It is ran by a guy called Jerry, and it is where most of the 'InfoSec' twitter people headed. So I am giving it a go. If you want to follow me, I am , and will probably shitpost similar content as I do on twitter.

I'll drop another post in the coming week with my general thoughts on how it is. Hopefully I'll you all there.

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Paul Sanders

Hi, I'm Paul Sanders, and I'm from Manchester, UK. After many years working in the IT consultancy industry, I decided to setup on my own. Now an independent strategy consultant.
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